TV is becoming an addiction for me…

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Geeks, Nerds and those ashamed to admit it

I never fancied myself a huge TV guy..

I love to go to the movies.. but TV was pretty much a news box for me and a place to watch sports.  I remember complaining that with hundreds of cable channels there was never anything on TV… but that seems to be changing.

I’ll chalk it up to HBO and their AWESOME series.  I know they have a ton..but my favs are/were:

  1. The Sopranos
  2. Boardwalk Empire
  3. True Blood
  4. Game of Thrones – I strongly suggest you read the books..EVEN if you are watching the series on HBO

I’ve even enjoyed Entourage, Deadwood and occasional my Wife’s favorite “Big Love”.

In my opinion, HBO has ruled this category for a long time.. but now I have to say the other Networks are starting to offer competition.  I am also an avid watcher of “Spartacus” and formerly “Dexter”.  As a matter of fact the competition has gotten so fierce that some don’t make it beyond their pilot season.  I read a stat somewhere that if a network can’t draw x% new viewers due to a new series.. they cut it.. (think HBO’s “Luck” and I think it was Starz who had “King Arthur”)

Just when I think it can’t get any better.. the non-pay channels decided to throw their hats in the ring.  Shit, even the HISTORY CHANNEL is puffing out their chest with last nights debut of “Vikings”.

Probably one of the most popular free channel shows making waves is “The Following” with Kevin Bacon (FOX).  I listened to Howard Stern interview Bacon recently and that is what turned me on to it.  It was interesting to hear Kevin Bacon (normally a Movie guy only) talk about how network TV series are becoming a viable venue for Movie stars.  It no longer should be shunned.

Lets not forget that Alec Baldwin has reinvigorated his career through Television commercials and “30 Rock”.

The dawn of DVR (at least in my household) has made it so much easier to stay on top of your fav shows.  Shit, between travel for my job and 3 kids I almost can’t live with out it anymore.  Here are a list of my favorite Network TV shows:

  1. The Following (Gets better every week) – Mondays on Fox
  2. Vikings (so far.. Ep 1 was good, verdict is still out) – Sundays on History Channel
  3. The Walking Dead (who the F**k doesn’t like Zombies now?) – Sundays on AMC
  4. Southland (Think modern day Hill Street Blues or End of Watch for the younger peeps) – Wednesdays on TNT

I am probably forgetting something.. but those are the hottest ones for me right now.

I’ll save my rant on reality shows for another post.. but I have to admit there are two that I really like right now.  I am a HUGE UFC/MMA fan!  If you never watched TUF (The Ultimate Fighter- FX channel- Fridays) then you can’t appreciate the endless entertainment you get from putting 30+ fighters into a house and have them fight every week for a 6 figure contract with the UFC.

It’s such a mixed bag of personalities that you never know what you are going to get.  Stereotypes aside when you mix money, testosterone, low gray matter, egos, starvation and extreme sports into one show.. it’s gotta be TV gold!

My other (NEW favorite) is “Boston’s Finest” (TNT- Wednesdays).  It’s like the show “Cops” but it stays put in Boston and seems to follow around a select group of  officers.  I have only seen the season premiere so far..but it’s worth a second look.

So.. tell me.. I really want to know.. What are YOU hooked on?  What do you DVR weekly because you can’t miss it?

Post your comments below

  1. Brazos says:

    Ahhh the great DVR. I am a zombie fan myself! Can’t wait for Sunday nights! Have also gotten into “Justified” and it is also another series based on books. Believe it or not me and the kids still watch Monday Night Wrestling RAW!!

    Yes the children and I both know its “staged” but we do enjoy it.

    The options on television have become so much, we enjoy watching Top Shot on the History channel also.

    I can go on about a list of Pixar movies we sit and watch on family movie nights on Friday evenings.

    Fun times

  2. Austin says:

    I’m watching everything you are with the exception of MMA… Will watch the Vikings and The Bible.
    But I have to add Banshee, Hunted, and Strike Back from Cinemax. House of Lies, Justified…

  3. I tried Banshee and Strike Back…they we fun too

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