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Pinterest for men

 “What’s all this noise about Pinterest?”

I have to admit.. I was one of those guys that just didn’t get it.  The only people that seemed to know about it when I asked were women.  None of my guy friends knew what it truly was.. or just didn’t give a shit.

The web definition per Wikipedia is as follows:

“Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo-sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies. Users can browse other pinboards for images, “re-pin” images to their own pinboards, or “like” photos” (  Ok.. sounds interesting, but I still don’t get it.  So I went to the actual Pinterest site to check it out.  They have a very convienet “basics” section of their site for slow pokes like me.

Ok, so now I think I understand.  It’s like a virtual bulletin board where you can collect and share pictures of whatever you find interesting.  I can browse other peoples “boards” and choose to like or share their cool pictures and ideas.  If I like them enough I can take them and pin them on one of my boards.

So I started to browse.  It quicly became evident why I had sterotyped Pinterest as a “woman thing”.  The predominant themes were fashion pictures, recipes and work out pictures.  How many pictures of high heels and wedding cakes can one guy stomach?  After about 10 mins of surfing I was convinced that men would not spend more than a mouse farts worth of time using this thing.  I mean Jesus Christ, how many before & after pics can you tolerate in one sitting?

I figured I was done with Pinterest at that point… until I decided I wanted to create my home office/man cave.  Im one of those visual people that needs to see something first to inspire ideas.  My wife is amazing in that she can see something in her head and then convert that to reality with little effort, but not me.  So I took to Pinterest again.. I remembered they had a search function so I said what the hell and gave it a shot.  I started with searching for “home office” and “man cave”.. and boy was I rewarded!

For example.. if you go to the search bar and type in “home office” you will find a TON of pins from others who had the same idea.  You can see the pics that I have accumulated here on my board “My Home Office“.

After realizing how much cool stuff can be found just by altering your search criteria.. I started putting in other interest areas of mine.  I happen to own and love a Jeep Wrangler.  Big surprise, so do many other people.  You can go here to see my Jeeping stuff.  I’ve also created some other boards that you can check out and even follow if you want.  Here is a link to my boards:

If searching for what you care about isn’t enough… the big brains at Pinterest also added a feature called “related pins”.  The back office technology behind the page goes out and finds similar pins to what they see on your boards and suggests them automatically.  This allows you to MORE EASILY find new boards and pins that you might like.. keeps you coming back for more.  I found a cool little blog post over at Digital Trends that explains a bit more about this.

If you have a jealous significant other or kids with access to your computer or IPAD, be CAREFUL!  You will quickly find that you can find some pins that are not work safe or family safe.  Just like any other internet outlet there are ways to find pics of your guilty pleasures.. anything from half naked men/women, guns, adult humor, etc.  One cool thing though is an ability to create private boards that are only available to YOU.

So, by now some of you are saying.. I hope Mike doesn’t think he’s the first GUY to discover this.. I know Im not.  I just wanted to share one of my latest guilty pleasures 🙂  Im having a lot of fun with Pinterest.

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