Clear perspective often comes at F’d up times for me

Posted: December 14, 2013 in The Human Side


Here I sit…. Eleven days before Christmas and I am getting ready for my second Doctor appointment in so many weeks.  My whole house seems to be like an infirmary.  Three kids in various states of sickness, two grandparents fighting off colds and ME.

My wife as thus far been spared.  Anyone coming to the house needs a HAZMAT suit to survive and Oh, Look.. it’s Snowing… again.

I am usually not a good patient.  When I get sick, I actually get pissed when it doesn’t go away in 24 hours.  This time around I had a really bad sore throat.  Haven’t had that shit since I was a kid.. WTF?!  That was followed by some serious head cold that moved to my chest and now my God Damned eyes are puffy and red.  Last night I wore my sneakers to bed.  I tied the laces together, for fear that I might die and come back as a Zombie ..  I wanted to give the kids a chance to escape.

Anyway, on my drive to work the other day I was driving with my knees so I could blow my nose.  While doing this I got to thinking that I need to change my view of being sick like this.  Coughing and sneezing, blowing your nose, wiping your eyes, feeling a little achy or whatever is NOTHING compared to having surgery to have Cancer removed and then enduring months of Chemotherapy.

The moral of this little story is that someone somewhere always has it worse.  If I can’t endure a stupid head/chest cold how the hell am I going to handle old age?

Everyone in my age group now knows someone that either has Cancer, had it or died from it.  Many of us know someone that either has kids with a severe illness or some of us have even lost children.  Before you retire to the couch pissed off at the world with your sniffles and coughing .. remind yourself that someone has been through worse or is enduring the impossible right now.. and maybe it will give you strength.

It did for me.


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