Going to the Movies during Christmas break

Posted: December 29, 2013 in Inmates and Ankle Biters (aka kid stuff), Movies, TV and general celebrity stuff

frozenWent to see the movie Frozen with my 8 year old daughter, my 4 year old son and my Mom.

I was hoping it would be a great family movie but I was kind of disappointed because it was more girly than some of the last few Disney movies we went to see.

Me and the boy need to go watch an episode of Sons of Anarchy to get our manhood back.

The movie theater was JAM PACKED too.. but what should I have expected for a rainy Saturday.  We got there plenty early to scope out a nice mid-row set of seats.. and I had everyone perfectly spaced out so that we had a nice spacer between families until the large fat guy in his rugby shirt shows up 5 mins into the previews and messes that all up.

Now that I was annoyed.. he had to throw fuel on the fire as he turned around to scold the child behind him for kicking his seat.. he proceeded to turn around and bark at the kid a few more times.. I was soo close to grabbing him by the Popcorn shovel he called a arm and reminding him he’s at a children’s movie.. and please Chill the fuck out!  But.. he finally settled in and we were able to watch.

Ok.. back to the movie..

The movie was really put together well.. there was plenty to look at in typical Disney fashion.. but OMG the singing!!  My daughter and Mom liked it.. but about 10 mins in.. the boy was moaning “I want to go home”.  He and I should have snuck out to go watch The Wolf of Wall Street.

What would one of my stories be without at least one more gripe about the general public?  Maybe you guys can help me out.. what happened to the everyday common decency that people used to exude when interacting with other humans?  Like holding doors for instance?  I have two small kids and a 70 year old woman in my crew.  As we are exiting the building, I am juggling an umbrella, a 4 year old and the buttoning of jackets.. I’m holding doors for people yet not ONE, but TWO women in front of us let the double doors slam on us.

I think they were just living in their own bubble because they didn’t even hear me when I said (rather loud) “Why don’t people hold doors anymore!”  I think the holidays also sap peoples driving in parking lot etiquette as well.  Once again, when you see a family herd crossing over to another section of the parking lot YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO STOP!  Those big white blocks crossing the road are there for a REASON!!!  My toe still hurts from kicking the woman’s back tire.. I think I almost made her drop her IPHONE though.. it’s the small victories that keep me going.

Oh well.. you win some and lose some as a movie going Dad.. I’ll make it up to my son and take him to see the LEGO movie that is coming out soon .. and I’ll be sure to kick the doors open so I don’t have to count on common decency next time.


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