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Posted: January 14, 2014 in Fitness
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I am not really one for New Year resolutions, I am more of an impulse kind of guy.  So for me, going to the gym is not a big deal because my wife and I try to make it part of our weekly routine anyway.  That said, I do find it funny how the gym population explodes at this time of year.  It must be a common occurrence around the world because I have found many places on the internet that make fun of this phenomena.

For example:



postcard gym

Our gym is no different.  I saw more new faces last night than I had all year.  It must be good to be a Gym owner in December – February!

If you are a FaceBooker.. you should check out the myriad of fitness focused pages that are out there.  One of my favorites is “Gym Memes”.  This page is a tribute to body building and working out in general..but it is slanted to the hardcore guys and gals.  I haven’t found much real value to the page other than it makes me laugh on a lot of different levels.  Some of the videos and pics are not safe for work, so becareful when you browse..but if you don’t find yourself laughing out loud at some of this stuff then it’s not for you.

Anyway, my motivation to write today was based on last night’s gym experience.  I had taken a little holiday vacation from working out.  I haven’t been on the inside since Thanksgiving actually.  Any of you who are exercise freaks know that after a long layoff.. the first week is HELL.  I know this, but since I am stupid, I decided to make it extra challenging and start my first day back with the 30 day squat challenge.

This is particularly stupid because I am one of those guys who absolutely hates to work legs.  So any kind of focus on my lower body is going to be extra painful the next few days.  The only saving grace that I may have is that I have been pretty damn regular with my cardio over the past 6 months or so, so I am hoping that will ease the carnage.

The 30 day squat challenge came to me as a suggestion from a good friend.  Well, she was a good friend until about 9pm last night.  That was when I lost feeling in my quads and my ass cheeks began to feel like they were run through the spin cycle with a cinderblock.  This wonderful little “challenge” is nothing more than a sadistic walk through the park.  It starts with day 1 which requires you to do 50 squats.  You progress each day doing 5 more until the 4th day which you rest.  It continues to go up from there (including your rest days) until day 30 in which you are supposed to do 250!

All I can say is WTF.  I can’t imagine that being possible, but I’m going to try.  This will be akin to holding your hand over a flame.. see how long you can keep it there before you quit.  Right now the Vegas odds have the over/under set at 1 week… we shall see.  If I can stick with it though, my ass better be like rock when I am done.  I also hope this fuels me to keep my legs in a weekly routine so I never look like this guy:

leg day

  1. Hahaha you’re so right about the flood of people in the gym in January–it’s quite a change. Thanks for the fitspiration! 🙂

  2. Nicole says:

    When I went last week I stayed and did my workout but I will not go back until February. I will endure cold, rainy runs outside or do Insanity but refuse to go back to that mad house!!! It does help that there is a treadmill at school if I’m really desperate!! Thanks for the laughs.

  3. guido says:

    Very well written!! I couldn’t agree with you more about new years new comers to the gym. Couple years ago I was just like u. The gym was my enemy totally hated going. However I knew I had to go just to regain my mobility, health and confidence. At first there was a small improvement. Then one day a couple of years later. I must of gotten a revelation and decided to take a bit more serious. Was one of the best decisions of my life. Not only did I regain my strength, health and confidence. I managed to create unbelievable friendships along the way. I went from dreading the gym to it being a highlight of my day. 🙂
    I’m sure if you can make it through the 30 consecutive days u will be very greatful to your friend.
    By the way whoever your friend is I’m sure she has an unbelievable butt from doing all these squats lol.
    Enjoy your next month:-)

    • Thanks Guido.. I have become a professional at starting and stopping at the gym over my 40 years.. Im hoping to make this the last run.. and to keep it going until Im too old to suck in my gut in front of the ladies..

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