Keyboard Ninjas is a blog for the people… normal people… no really.. every day normal people.. not your typical Walmart shopper types.. you know.. people like you and me.

We are not going to focus on any specific topics.. it’s really just an outlet for our writers to share their thoughts, ideas, opinions and the like.

We welcome feedback, comments, etc.. but be nice.. because this is not a democracy.. and we can and will delete anything we do not like… I’m just sayin.

Anway.. we hope you enjoy all you read here and we hope we don’t offend you.  We are not TRYING to offend anyone so if you read something here.. remember it’s the internet.

We are not actually trying to single any one person or group out .. we are just writing in hopes of making some people laugh or think or whatever…

So.. with out further adieu… lets get started.  The first couple of posts will be to introduce our 2 main writers…

Have fun..

Keyboard Ninja Writer: Max


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