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“In a time when your bills are piling up, your kids are demanding more of you and the work-day expands well beyond 

the limits of 9 to 5, it’s becoming harder and harder to stop and take a breather.  When was the last time you got to

stop and reflect on the little things in life?  When was the last time you got to sit down and do something just for yourself?


That’s life right?


Well, this is true.. but we are also in a time where technology abounds everywhere you look.  Disruptive technologies push boundaries of the art of possible more and more.  I truly love technology and I love being able to experience it and even be a part of promoting it.  I am sure even

the hilarious Jimmy Fallon never fathomed the day where he could create and perform a musical piece with the great Billy Joel just using a couple of standard microphones and an iPad.. 


On tonights airing of The Tonight Show, he did just that : 


And thanks to the big brains at my new company, iQ media I didn’t have to miss it either… Disruptive Technology… it’s a fun time to be in.”



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“Marshall Mathers aka Eminem aka Slim Shady”, I have often hidden my love for rap music.. and never could really explain why I liked it. This was the first opinion piece I have read that does a great job of encapsulating some of my same thoughts/admirations

a deliberate imagination


It occurred to me on a car ride home one evening, as Bad Gal Ri Ri’s voice was so graciously depicting her kinship with monsters living under her bed, that I have been listening to the lyrical genius that is Marshall Mathers aka Eminem aka Slim Shady since the release of the Slim Shady LP in 1999. Now, let’s all conduct a barfing motion in unison as we let the fact that 1999 was fifteen years ago sink in. Are we done yet? Okay. Fifteen years ago I was ten, going on eleven, reciting the poetic verses of “My Name Is” and “Guilty Conscience” better than I could the Pledge of Allegiance or Hail Mary. At that point in my life I would have been attending Catholic School for six years, so that is saying a lot. Did I have any clue what I was singing (rapping)? Of course not…

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Read this this morning and thought it was perfect for a few friends of mine. While it’s mostly from a woman’s point of view I think it applies to all of us.

Typical Blogger

By May June

Our society is full of artificial norms and fake standards. Whatever is attractive is whatever you’re not. Whatever is normal is whatever you’re not. Whatever is popular is whatever you’re not.  Whatever is ideal is whatever is impossible.

Despite this, people are going to judge. You can’t stop them. But you can stop caring. Instead of worrying what others are going to think, embrace your quirks and guilty pleasures.

Surround yourself with people who love you for who you are and screw the haters. You should never have to start a sentence with, “No judgment, but…”

Be unique. Be spontaneous. Be free. If you’re not going to be you, then who will?

To get you started, here are 8 things you should embrace and never have to hide. Enjoy!

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Say what you want about the Liberals and their anti-gun crusade.  We have more than politics to worry about here folks!

I want you to ignore the fact that I am wearing a hat made of tinfoil.. and try to focus on what I’m saying … Something HUGE is coming our way.. and I’m not talking about an Asteroid.

I am talking about ZOMBIES… Yes.. slow moving, dumb as a bag of doorknobs, flesh-eating Zombies.

Don’t believe me.. well just turn on your TV or pay attention to the internets.. Let me bulletize it for you:

  1. The Catholic Church has no leader:  Um.. Pope dude.. you can’t just resign.. unless of course.. you have been bitten by a Zombie and need to go under ground
  2. Giant Asteroid passes near earth: So what.. the Earth has been hit before and keeps on keepin on.. this was just a left-wing distraction (more on that later)
  3. Meteorite crashes into Russia:  Also BS .. this was just IRAN trying to launch another satellite.. they really are bad at that
  4. The Department of Homeland Defense is stockpiling bullets and light armored vehicles: Why?? Yup.. you guessed it.. we need to be ready for the outbreak!
  5. Gun-Control: There is a sub-plot here too.. I think the major push on gun-control is because the Zombies have already begun to take over and the Liberals want to harness a way to count their votes!

I could go on.. but I will spare you.. because you don’t have time to be reading this shit.. you need to go out NOW.. and get a gun… if you can’t get one now.. then practice by shaping your pop-tarts into a gun and keep yourself focused!

I don’t know about you people.. but to prepare I am doing a number of things (besides stockpiling guns and bullets).  At the very least you should all be watching The Walking Dead (on AMC Sunday nights) and read the book “World War Z“….

Don’t say I didn’t warn you


Hey guys, my name is Mike..

I have been experimenting with this whole blog thing for a few years now but I have yet to find enough MoJo to stay with it.  I am giving it another shot and gonna see if I can have enough fun and support to keep it going. With this blog I am trying something new.. I have created a few categories to make it easier for you to find the kind of stuff you like to read about.  If you like my stuff enough to come back.. well then it’ll be cool to see what topics people most like to read.

I am also willing to take  on additional writers.  If you like to share your opinions and write, let me know.  If I like your writing style, we can bring you on board to write with us.  If writing a blog is not your thing.. then please leave a comment when/if you want.  I will only edit or delete a comment if I find it offensive and if I must axe it.. I’ll let you know why.

That’s about it for now.. please share our blog with your friends if you like our style or if you know anyone else that might as well.



Welcome… The Keyboard Ninjas

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Hello friends…

I am reviving the Keyboard Ninja blog.  Im going to do it a little differently this time in that I am going to share with my family and friends rather than use a pen name only.  In the past I thought it would be a good idea to hide behind a ficticious name so that I could say things that might be a little provocative to people that know me.

I decided that it’s more important to be real than just poke at people to see what kind of reaction I can get.

Im going to  promote the blog via Facebook at first and see if I can get a following.  Please feel free to pass along to anyone you might think would enjoy my musings.

I am maintaing this blog to give our “members” an outlet to expose their opinions, thoughts, creative writing, and anything else they can spew via the keyboard.

I am hoping to make you laugh and sometimes make you think.. Hell, what I write might even piss you off .. but I hope you won’t stay mad.

You can expect to see all kinds of topics. I don’t plan to specialize in any one particular theme.

Check out the CATEGORIES at the top of the page for your browsing pleasure

Please feel free to follow us if you like and refer us to others that you think might like to read this kind of stuff. We also welcome your comments – but we do reserve the right to disallow or delete comments that we find offensive.

Please have fun and I look forward to writing for you