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Hey guys, my name is Mike..

I have been experimenting with this whole blog thing for a few years now but I have yet to find enough MoJo to stay with it.  I am giving it another shot and gonna see if I can have enough fun and support to keep it going. With this blog I am trying something new.. I have created a few categories to make it easier for you to find the kind of stuff you like to read about.  If you like my stuff enough to come back.. well then it’ll be cool to see what topics people most like to read.

I am also willing to take  on additional writers.  If you like to share your opinions and write, let me know.  If I like your writing style, we can bring you on board to write with us.  If writing a blog is not your thing.. then please leave a comment when/if you want.  I will only edit or delete a comment if I find it offensive and if I must axe it.. I’ll let you know why.

That’s about it for now.. please share our blog with your friends if you like our style or if you know anyone else that might as well.